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Tradies and homeowners are left waiting as materials shortage worsens

Aussies who have been saving their pennies and are planning to splash that cash on home renovations are waiting as Global supply chain disruptions have caused materials shortages and the federal government’s Home Builder scheme has stimulated the construction sector to the extent that waits times for just about every trade imaginable have blown out massively.

A shortage of materials has worsened, causing delays, with warnings it could take a few weeks for all trade suppliers to be fully on track, and this is causing some trades to busier because they have to wait for goods and return to jobs this is all because of covid 19 knock-on effect, border closes and cargo ship delays have caused a slowdown of stock.

But it's not always going to be that way and at Fixezi-The App of All Trades we can see a brighter day and are preparing for the future, we plan to have our app launched in Sydney and Perth Australia, so we can be ready for when you need us.

We certainly couldn’t have predicted the change that would occur in the past months due to COVID-19.

Initially, COVID-19 was widely predicted to have a devastating effect on many retailers. Instead, retail collapses hit record lows as government initiatives (such as Job Keeper and the temporary suspension of many retailers as well as lockdowns) Consumers and retailers pivoted to online, driving some to produce financial results way beyond expectations. 2021 may be the year that challenges how most businesses will run moving forward, as the government’s economic quick fix starts to unwind, people return to business as usual but since there is a travel ban consumers still are spending elsewhere.

It's an economic problem of excessive demand, low supplies, and higher prices.

Governments across the world are trying to lift or sustain their economies and that means building things or encouraging people to build things, it’s not just residential – governments are trying to get infrastructure projects completed. With borders closed, the necessary workers can’t be brought in and that means budding home builders/renovators have to stand in line or may have to pay high prices to get their project done before others.

COVID-19 has accelerated a wave of digital disruption for the retail as well, and with consumers are now living differently, and working from home, purchasing differently and living differently. While the rapid shift to online caught many retailers unprepared, it has also seen businesses with strong digital DNA and e-commerce capabilities thrive, and their growth rapidly accelerates. After experiencing five years of e-commerce growth in a matter of months due to the pandemic, retailers and brands need to leapfrog their investment programs to deliver their 2025 plan today.

As the consumer’s preferred channel to purchase continues to shift, so too do the drivers influencing buying decisions as consumers demand greater personal safety and value for money.

Other challenges of COVID-19 will also continue.

 Rents will undoubtedly remain in the spotlight this year, as landlords and retailers continue their delicate dance to work together to achieve a win-win outcome and succeed in transitioning their respective operating models for the new reality while the business owner suffers.

 It’s not all doom and gloom, the development of a COVID-19 the vaccine provides a real reason for optimism, but it is important to understand that 2021 (and possibly beyond) will be all about the art of retailing against a lack of reasonable comp sales while vaccine distribution ramps up and supply chains are reconfigured.

It will all get back to normal in no time.


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