How Fixezi is trying to help you -the home/business owner.

Fixezi-The app of All Trades is for the home/business/property companies’ and tradesman.

Fixezi was born in Perth, W.A, Australia and built by a tradesman, who understands the industry & only wants to help connect people with qualified, reliable tradesman, thus; providing great tradesman with more reliable work in turn will help the building/construction industry.

Because of the industry we will be working in we are fully aware of any economic downturn which will play a huge role in the functioning of ‘Fixezi’ – The app of all trades, so we rely on home/business/property and tradesman to use our app whenever they need something repaired.

We have developed an app with 3 parts

  • User login- So you can book a tradesman within minutes.
  • Tradesman admin login- The owner of the company or admin can use this to schedule any jobs booked by the user.
  • Employee login – The owner of the company or admin can use this to forward jobs to employees.
  • So, whether you’re a home owner, a business owner, a landlord with a few properties, a property company or real estate with many properties or a tradesman looking for another tradesman to fix something on the site your working on; we have you covered. We have all the trades you need, all in one place.
  • Download Fixezi-The app of All Trades to your phone So, Whenever you need a tradie, where right there to help you.

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Perth, Australia


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