Signing up as a trade

Signing up as a tradesman on Fixezi-The App of All Trades

You can be part of the 130th Trades person to pay $9.95 per job for life-Fixezi guarantee.

To download Fixezi-The app of all trades, please follow these simple 4 steps, then proceed to sign up as a tradesman.

Step 1 : Click the link to go to our website >Fixezi-The app of all trades
Step 2: Click the big app store  or Google play images on our website.
Step 3 : Download Fixezi-(This will only work when on your Phone).

Step 4: Open Fixezi>proceed to sign up>If you are a tradesman, would you like to sign up as a tradesman>yes>continue signup process for tradesman.

This is a link to watch videos for help on the signup process.
Tradesman signup part 1
Tradesman signup part 2

Fixezi-The App of All Trades




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