The App of All Trades!


Fixezi App has no free trial because it's free forever!

Stop Searching for work, and let clients come to you.

Clients book directly to your company, so they are 100% legitimate jobs, it's up to you if you accept it.

How do most tradies get work throughout a quite period?

-Google Ad words
-Facebook Ads
-Paid subscriptions

All these sources charge you money and they don't care if your company see results.

That doesn't make a lot of sense not to the tradies already using Fixezi App, and if your wondering why...
-Because they didn't pay to register.
-They are only charged $9.95 per job they accept.
-They get automatic refunds on cancelled jobs, cancelled and expired quotes.
-They can put their account on hold any time.


Use Fixezi like
a boss even if
you are not a
tech-savvy person!


Fixezi app is a
secured and reliable
way to list your
services online. 


Our dynamic App
focuses on putting your company
in front of as many users as possible.

Other Apps:

Expensive subscription and fees.


1. Flat fees
2. Simple to use
3. No hidden fee's
4. Only work in the service area you select

Handy App Features:

  • Download and sign up as a trades person for FREE
  • Upload unlimited employee I.D's
  • Ability to accept and cancel jobs
  • Ability to follow-up with clients

Fixezi-The App of All Trades- splash screen
  • Transact directly with clients real-time
  • Manage jobs efficiently with our modern booking system
  • Real-time notifications for quicker response
  • Active Customer Support

How It Works

fixezi download

Download and list your service for Free

We check your info and activate your
account within 30 minutes

Accept jobs, reject jobs if your too busy,
reschedule or even export your jobs off the
Fixezi app to your own platform

Pay a fixed rate of $9.95 for every job you accept.
NO Subscription Fees!
Cancelled jobs and cancelled quotes
will automatically be refunded.

Build a strong profile to receive
even more ratings to attract more clients

Not sure how to download Fixezi App?

Join and List Your Services with Fixezi Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't take on more jobs at the moment?

If you are too busy to take on work, you can pass the job on to your mates in the same trade.


You can put your company on hold so users will not be able to book you.

Can I sign up my employees


You can sign up as many employees as you want.

How much do I need to pay to get customers?

Unlike other apps, there is absolutely no subscription fee with Fixezi.

You only pay $9.95 for every job you accept. Sounds good right?

In fact, we have an Early Access Exclusive Offer for you! Pay $9.95 Per Job for life LIMITED to 50 tradies ONLY)

When is the Fixezi Android version release date?

Fixezi App's Android version will be released soon.

We recommend subscribing to our newsletter with your active email address to get notified when it is released. 

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