What tradies must know about Fixezi-The app of All Trades.

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We don’t know if Fixezi-The app of All Trades will be a good fit for your company? And to be honest neither do you.

We built Fixezi around your expectations.

So, here’s what I want you to consider…

  • Are you sick other apps ruining your industry?
  • Are you sick of competitors under cutting your every move?
  • Do you only want to pay for work you do?
  • Do you want to keep track of your quotes?
  • Do you want to see each user/distance to job before you even accept the work?
  • Do you want to join an app that gives you discounts and special promo’s
  • Do you want to join an app that gives you refunds on cancelled jobs and quotes.
  • Do you want to join an app that is free to advertise on?
  • Do you not want to have to chase work, and let it come to you.

So here are our promises to you. 

  • We also don’t lock you into any plan, in fact we do not charge you to stay on our app, you can advertise your business free, and even if your busy we can show people your company is in demand-and if your to busy to sign up-let your admin do it for you.
  • We know what you’re thinking… Why should I trust another lead app? where do you get all your job leads from? Well, we are not giving you any leads from any overflow of work-like other apps do, we source all your Jobs from advertising Fixezi, so that means all job’s never touch our hands, client’s book direct to you.
  • Fixezi does not have any other business than you, and our only reason for marketing/advertising to the user is for you, and to help other people to find a qualified tradie, and to keep Fixezi-The App of All Trades name clean, we only want to work with the good trades.
  • How do we filter Fixezi to remove the doggy trades?  based on your rating from every client that has used you-the rating collects as an average if if you fall below 3 stars after a certain time, we give you 3 chances to correct your listing if that doesn’t happen then we remove the bad apples.

How does this work?

  • Fixezi works when a user/client signs up and uses Fixezi whenever they are trying to find a trade person, they then view only local trades, that work in the client’s suburb,
  • This all depends on the trades person you set your companies servicing locations, if you don’t want to work all over the place-that’s your choice, and you can change this and any information about your company in your admin log in under company profile, including any other trades you want to add to your business, any images you upload for the user to view, and your company logo/services you provide.
  • How does the sign up process work? You or any member of your company signup it-its quick and easy, all Fixezi team does is verify your information and activate your account .
  • So, we hope this helps you decide if we’re a good fit for your business weather its solo run or a larger company, if this changes your mind, we would love to have you on board.

Other Apps can’t say that! There’s no risk and all reward.

To introduce you to our brand-new app, Fixezi-The app of All Trades has put together this special offer…

Download/signup to be part of the 130 Tradie to pay only $9.95 per job for life, this is Fixezi’s special launch offer, You have Fixezi’s personal guarantee.

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To be part of this limited offer you must own a trade business, it can be a service based business or a retail business that sells/repairs tool or any building material, electrical or plumbing.

All prices are subject to rise past $9.95 per Job in the future to to upkeep of the app and website and inflation, be quick this offer will not last forever.

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