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What is Fixezi? 

Fixezi is an online platform for Australians to hire qualified tradies, so you can book directly to local qualified tradies in your area.

Who FIXEZI Serves?

Irrespective of your status i.e., house owner, business owner, commercial builder, real estate owner, or owner of many properties, FIXEZI welcomes you on the platform. Whether you have a residential job or a commercial job, feel free to select a local tradesperson on FIXEZI APP and have them booked in seconds.

Everyone can use FIXEZI  

Being a tradie, if you are skillful and certified, FIXEZI is the right place to earn and evolve. It doesn’t matter what your trade or region is if you are an arborist, aircon installer, lawnmowing, bore water installer, carpet layer, plumber, electrician, blind installer, cleaner, builder, tiler, gardener, landscaper, window cleaner, or installer, or any other tradesperson or mobile business in Perth or Sydney, feel free to register at FIXEZI for bigger and better opportunities. 

Where FIXEZI Operates

Initially, at Fixezi we aim to operate in 2 states of Australia:

Western Australia

New South Wales

But with the passage of time, we will keep adding more regions.

How to Get the Most Out of FIXEZI?

1. If you are a service seeker and looking for a tradie in Sydney or Perth, install the FREE FIXEZI APP and sign up and start your hire for a local tradie in your location.

2. If you are a Tradie and looking for Trades jobs in Sydney or Perth, all you have to do is install the FREE FIXEZI APP and create your profile.

3. There is no registration fee or up-front charges.

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Download it to your mobile phone, and have it handy when you need to find and book local, trusted, tradies in Australia

If you are viewing this website on your mobile phone,

You can download our app directly from the Apple Store or Google Play.


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Our booking system is so simple to find a tradesperson, you will be wondering how you lived without it.

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 Only local trades are shown for your search results, and you can trust that your booking is successful every time.

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Booking a tradesperson can be really stressful, so we designed Fixezi App to be really fast, to minimize any stress.

          Booking a job

  1. All trades listed are 100% certified.
  2. Simply download our free to use App.
  3. Follow our very quick and simple booking system.
  4. No hidden or upfront charges/fees
  5. Find local trades of your preference to fix your job.
  6. Receive a FAST response from all trades.
  7. Rate and recommend the tradesperson.
  8. Book a job on behalf of a friend or family member.
  9. Book jobs even when you are not at home.
  10. Keep your invoices in one place so you don't lose them.

       Signing up as a tradie

  1. No registration cost or any hidden upfront payment.
  2. Advertise your business in trade categories that you're certified in.
  3. Download and sign up as a trading company yourself.
  4. We check your info and activate your account.
  5. Client's book direct to your company.
  6. Advertise for free and only pay $9.95 when you 'Accept' a job.
  7. Canceled jobs and quotes are automatically refunded.
  8. Remove jobs off Fixezi App to another app/system.
  9. Keep track of your quotes to win more jobs. 
  10. Schedule jobs from start to finish and between employees.

Do you have a trade or mobile service?

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About our App

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