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Start a campaign

We have some rules for people to agree to before we let anyone make a campaign.

  1. You must be over the age of 18.
  2. You need to make an account with Fixezi first.
    • If you have made a user account on Fixezi App click here
    • If you have not made a user account on Fixezi app click here .
    • If you are a tradie and want to be part of the receiving a potential big Job I.e. wining a successful campaign then please signup click here.

Enter Your User Account Detail of Fixezi to create Campaign

Are you the owner of the house

if you are the owner of the house then choose "for myself", if this campaign is for others then choose "for others".

Basic Info

To start a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of a another, we use your details as you have already made an account, so we also need their details.

Please note you may need the help of friends and family or the community to help boost a campaign, this can help get it up and running.

We need some details for the new campaign, please tell us the persons details below.

Campaign details

Ok great start, now you need to start adding their details starting with a title image.

The 1st image you upload will be the Title image, then add 5 more.

i.e. Mrs Brown is in desperate need of roof repairs.

i.e. Mrs Brown is in desperate need of roof repairs.

What is it that needs maintenance or repair?

What do you think is their biggest challenge, i.e. their physical ability, Age, or injury, health. We understand life gets in the way of being able to maintain a home.

i.e. Do you know this person, are the family or friends, maybe they are your neighbour and you see their house is a bit run down.

Campaign details

Alright last page, this is the fun part, set the length of the campaign, the funding size, and please tell us if you know or could recommend a tradie to signup on Fixezi App .

Think about the fund size when answering this. i.e. if campaign is $1000 then how many months will it take to raise this ?

Use the calculator here to estimate value

Is there anyone else that knows this problem exists ?

If you think a tradie you know can help this person definitely right it here, the point of Fixezi crowd funding is to help homes owners but to also help tradies get more work.

Please tell us their information